Jason Theodosakis

Jason  Theodosakis
Jason Theodosakis (or Dr. Theo, as he is known) is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, Arizona.
He is board-certified in preventive medicine and public health and fellowship-trained in sports medicine. Dr. Theo received his medical degree from the University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School. In addition, he graduated summa cum laude with master's degrees in both Public Health and Exercise Physiology from the University of Arizona.
Brenda Adderly, M.H.A., is a health-care researcher, writer, and consultant who has worked in the federal, not-for-profit, and for-profit sectors of health care. Her assignments have included: staff assistant under Dr. C. Everett Koop; HMO and physician group marketing; and co-founding a managed-care consulting firm. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Pills, a consumer guide that profiles the most commonly prescribed drugs.
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