Thomas E Patterson

Patterson is the Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press at John F. Kennedy School of Government. Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government He was previously a distinguished professor of political science at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship. He was educated at South Dakota State University and the University of Minnesota, where he got his Ph.D., and grew up in a small Minnesota hamlet on the Iowa and South Dakota borders. Tom is the author of six books and dozens of articles on the media and elections. He is currently the director of the Vanishing Voter research at the Kennedy School of Government, which has been widely used in the media and on college campuses.

When President Bill Clinton declared that every politician and journalist should read his book, 'Out of Order,' it gained national notice. 'The Mass Media Election,' published in 1980, won a 'Choice' award for Best Academic Book, 1980-81. Another of Patterson's works, 'The Unseeing Read More chevron_right