Tim Foley

Tim  Foley
Foley, Tim: - A long seasoned student of Tom Crean, Tim Foley has, since 2010, been the driving force of a campaign to earn Crean official recognition from his country, Ireland, for his heroic contributions while serving on three pioneering expeditions to Antarctica in the early 20th Century. The campaign platforms that Foley created have generated many thousands of fans worldwide who have been introduced to Crean's story through Foley's writings and research. Much of Foley's research for Crean's biography has brought to light a host of new information about his subject and his account also addresses erroneous information that has been presented as factual in previous accounts of Tom Crean's life. After three years of research at some of the most respected archives in the world, both on and offline, this fully referenced biography, chronicles an accurate account of Tom Crean's life and career before and after he joined the Royal Navy in 1893. Tim Foley is a Manchester Read More chevron_right