Tom Defalco

Mark Ginocchio is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, corporate publications, and websites such as CBR,, WhatCulture, and Sequart. He is the founder of the Chasing Amazing blog, which documents his quest to collect every issue of Amazing Spider-Man comics, and is a co-host of the Amazing Spider-Talk podcast. He lives in Brooklyn. A former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics with over 50 books currently in print, Tom DeFalco has written comic books, graphic novels, short stories, prose novels and books like Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide and Comic Creators on Fantastic Four. DeFalco is also known for writing characters like Spider-Man, Thor, Fantastic Four, Spider-Girl, Superboy, Hawkman and Archie. Aside from recently writing single issue stories for Justice League of America and Flash for DC Comics, he wrote a brand new Reggie & Me series for Archie Comics.