Tom Hughes

As a former DC resident who lived within walking distance to Eastern Market on Capitol Hill, I still visit at least once a year. The people, parks, gardens, museums, historic landmarks, alleys, traditions, and transit systems, as well as the weather, are all things I like and enjoy about the city. I am determined to help WDC get appropriately nicknamed as a lifelong geography nerd, map hugger, and above all, student of place nicknames, slogans, and mottos. Yeah, alongside my students at The International School of Brussels in Belgium, I founded the world's first potato museum. Absolutely, the collection on the history and social impact of the potato is believed to be the world's largest.

The Smithsonian's Seeds of Change exhibition, as well as the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, Canada, have both exhibited it. My wife and I recently arranged an exhibition titled Spuds Unearthed! Yes, The Potato Museum is still looking for a permanent location. Yet, even after thirty years, I still think WDC's moniker is The Hot Potato.

I am a graduate of Syracuse University and City College of New York. I was born in Philadelphia and raised in the ancient Quaker town of Haddonfield in Southern New Jersey. Meredith Sayles, my future wife, and I met in Florence, Italy, where we were both studying. Later, while teaching with the US Peace Corps in Tehran, Iran, we married. We worked in Brussels, Belgium, for a decade and traveled extensively over Europe.

When I was teaching fifth grade at the International School of Brussels, I founded The Potato Museum with my students, which spurred my initial interest in culinary history. Meredith and I have now established The Food Museum Online ( as well as The World Food Heritage Project. For more information about my food-related books, go to EATS Publishing. Food Heritage Matters: Protecting Personal, Local, and Global Histories and Sites, 2015 Eats Pinellas: Food History and Heritage Sites Tour, 2015 Eats Haddonfield: A Tour of Food Heritage Sites, 2014 Gastronomie: Food Museums and Heritage Sites of France, 2005, Bunker Hill Publishing, co-authored with, but written by Meredith Sayles Hughes