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Patrick, Tony: - After a brief stint as an NBC page, Tony Patrick sold a feature-length screenplay to Hollywood and worked as a staff writer on a network sitcom. After a six-year hiatus in Europe and Southeast Asia, Tony returned stateside with two short documentaries, an album, and numerous TV and feature film scripts underneath his belt. His short, Black Card, has aired on HBO and Cinemax following a lengthy film-festival run. The first volume of his creator-owned comic book, X'ED, was published by Black Mask Studios (2015) and he's currently the co-writer of DC Comics' Batman and The Signal (2018) along with New York Times best-selling author Scott Snyder. Not only is he a proud alumnus of the 2016 DC Comics Writers Workshop and Sundance Institute's New Frontier WorldBuilding Residency, he's also the founder of the Tenfold Gaming Initiative. When he's not working on WorldBuilds for Sundance (Future of Work: LA), Ford (CES 2018 Keynote), or the Future of Work: Brooklyn...Sir Tony Patrick is adapting his latest graphic work--Whitepaper -- for all audiences to enjoy.
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