Torben Kuhlmann

Torben  Kuhlmann

Torben Kuhmann was born in 1982 in Germany. Torben, who was always creative as a child, was recognized as a skilled draftsman as early as kindergarten. Little planes, weird machines, and steaming trains intrigued him, and these aspects found their way into his works. In Hamburg University for Applied Sciences, he studied illustration and design. Pen and watercolor are his favourite mediums.

He also uses acrylics, oil paintings, and digital programs in his work. In Hamburg, he works as a freelance illustrator. Torben's books Lindbergh-The Story of a Flying Mouse, Moletown, Armstrong - The Exciting Trip of a Mouse to the Moon, and Edison - The Mystery of the Lost Mouse Treasure immediately became big sellers, owing to Torben's keen interest in strange mechanical innovations. NorthSouth Publishing has published his fifth picture book, Einstein - The Amazing Adventures of a Mouse Across Space and Time.