Toure Roberts

Toure  Roberts
Roberts, Tourü¾Ž–”¼: -

Tourü¾Ž–”¼ Roberts is the author of Purpose Awakening and Wholeness--a National Bestseller in 2018.

Tourü¾Ž–”¼ is the founder of one of the most influential congregations in the nation, The Potter's House at One LA, and he, along with his wife, Sarah Jakes Roberts, recently took the helm of a second location, The Potter's House of Denver.

Tourü¾Ž–”¼'s unique approach to faith attracts thousands to his physical campuses each week as well as his online campus of more than 350,000 subscribers. Tourü¾Ž–”¼'s audience tunes in to experience his transformational teachings on faith, potential, purpose, relationships, and entrepreneurship. Tourü¾Ž–”¼ and Sarah split their time between Los Angeles and Denver along with their six children.