Trevor Archer

Danilo Garcia, Phd (in psychology in 2012), is Head of Research of the Blekinge Centre of Competence at the Blekinge County Council. The Center works on research, development, innovations through interdisciplinary teams, person-centered methods, community projects, and the dissemination of knowledge in order to increase well-being among the habitants of the county of Blekinge, Sweden. He is also an Associate Professor at the University of Gothenburg and together with Professor Trevor Archer and Associate Professor Max Rapp Ricciardi, the leading researcher of the Network for Empowerment and Well-Being. This is an international network of junior and senior researchers and students who are interested in the field of well-being research.

Trevor Archer, PhD, is currently a senior professor of biological psychology (formerly Professor and Chair of psychobiology, Head of Department and Dean of Faculty) at the University of Gothenburg currently writing about epigenetics in Read More chevron_right