Trey Smith

Smith, Trey: - Trey Smith (originally Brian Trey Smith) is an author, documentary producer, and founder of the God in a Nutshell project. Trey Smith is originally from Houston, Texas and spends much time doing informative documentaries and presentations on the ancient world; much of it relating directly to Biblical artifacts, sites, archaeology, as well as prophecy that can keep anyone on the edge of their seat. Trey Smith's work is always easy enough for a sixth grader, and intellectually satisfying enough for any top-level Phd. Trey Smith is known for documentaries such as The Theory of Everything, Nephilim, Noah, the God Dimension, Enoch, Jurassic, Entities, and Trump: the Coming Landslide Prophecy. These as well as a host of others. Many of these above titles, such as Theory of Everything, Noah, Enoch, Entities, and Trump: the Coming Landslide Prophecy were the first of their kind in the world and materials others emulated. All glory for the materials is always given to the Lord Jesus.