Triola M F

Mario F.Triola is an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Dutchess Community College, where he taught statistics for more than 30 years. Marty is the creator of the novel. The International Version of Elementary Statistics is now available, and it has been translated into various different languages. Marty created the original Statdisk statistical software and has published various manuals and workbooks for statistics teaching technologies. He has spoken at numerous conferences and colleges.

Marty has designed casino slot machines and fishing rods as part of his consultancy business. He has assisted attorneys in estimating paternity probabilities, analyzing data in medical malpractice lawsuits, detecting gender pay disparities, and analyzing disputed election results. He's also employed statistical approaches to analyze survey findings for the New York City Transit Authority and medical school surveys. Marty has testified in the New York State Supreme Court as an expert witness.

Marty received a Texty for Excellence for his work on Elementary Statistics from the Text and Academic Writers Association.