Rachel Vail

Rachel Vail is the author of many beloved picture books and novels, including Righty and Lefty, Jibberwillies at Night, Sometimes I'm Bombaloo, the Mama Rex & T series, Lucky, and You Maybe.

When I began writing novels, I promised myself I would be completely honest about how it really feels - to each of my characters - to live through a particular crisis point in growing up, says Rachel. I used all the acting training I'd had to get into each character: to know how her body moved, to understand the secret he kept from everyone, to feel her shame or pride or hope or humiliation as I walked, in her character, in my imagination, through the halls of middle school. Now that I am also writing books for younger readers, I find that the process remains pretty much the same - I try to learn everything about every character, and I ask myself lots of 'what if' questions... What if a highly anticipated playdate with a best friend goes horribly? Read More chevron_right