Vanessa G Bartal

Bartal, Vanessa Gray: - Ten facts about Vanessa: 1. Has spent more than three decades searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, only to come to the conclusion that a bad chocolate chip cookie does not exist. 2. Almost reached bucket list goal of visiting 50 states, three more to go. 3. Spent a fun and productive year handing out samples at the grocery store. 4. Owns more plants than shoes and purses combined. 5. First sentence she ever said to her husband: Do you want my ham? 6. Renovated two houses, despite lacking all skill with every possible tool. 7. Her favorite books are the ones she has never published, more than a dozen YA novels. 8. Selects a song for each book she writes in order to fulfill secret dream of being person who makes movie soundtracks. 9. As a 911 dispatcher, once accidentally ended a call with, I love you, bye! 10. Wastes too much time reading about her Myers-Briggs personality type. INFJ's unite! (Separately, of course.)