Victor Serge

Victor  Serge

Victor Serge (1890-1947) was born in Brussels to Russian anti-Tsarist exiles. Victor was imprisoned to five years in a French prison as a young anarchist firebrand in 1912. Serge joined the Bolsheviks in 1919. Serge was purged from the Communist Party and jailed in 1929 after being an outspoken critic of Stalin. Despite this, he was able to finish three novels (Men in Prison, Birth of Our Power, and Conquered City) as well as a history (Year One of the Russian Revolution), all of which were published in Paris.

In 1933, he was arrested again in Russia and transported to Central Asia, but after international protests by militants and notable writers such as André Gide and Romain Rolland, he was allowed to leave the USSR in 1936. Serge lived in dangerous exile in Brussels, Paris, Vichy France, and Mexico City, where he died in 1947, after being pursued by Stalinist operatives.