William Fulton

William Fulton is the Mayor of Ventura, California, and is one of America's leading pundits on urban planning and economic growth. Fulton is the author of several well-known books, including THE RELUCTANT METROPOLIS: THE POLITICS OF URBAN GROWTH IN LOS ANGELES, which was a best-seller in the Los Angeles Times; GUIDE TO CALIFORNIA PLANNING, the classic textbook on urban planning in California; and THE REGIONAL CITY: PLANNING FOR THE END OF SPRAWL, which he co-authored with Peter Calthorpe. California Planning & Development Report (www.cp-dr.com) was his first publication, and he was the original editor and publisher. Fulton is a Principal of Design, Community & Environment (www.dceplanning.com), a California-based urban planning firm, and a Senior Fellow at the University of Southern California's Department of Policy, Planning, and Development. In the 1980s, Fulton, a native of Upstate New York, served as Chair of the Planning Commission of the City of West Hollywood, California.

In 2003, he was elected to the Ventura City Council, and in 2009, he was elected Mayor. Ventura has earned a reputation as one of California's most inventive towns in recent years. Ventura has approved an all-infill general plan, established a benchmarking system to measure the city's achievement against targets, and invested in a high-tech venture capital fund to lure new entrepreneurs to the city.