Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (1947-) is a Japanese animator and manga artist who was born in Hokkaido. Throughout the course of his four-decade career as a character designer, he has created iconic characters for anime such as Super Atragon, Brace Raideen, and the well-known Mobile Suit Gundam. Yasuhiko's characters, tales, and artwork are instantly recognizable and serve as timeless examples as pioneers of manga and animation in Japan. Yasuhiko started his career as an animator at Osama Tezuka's Mushi Studios, then went freelance to work on a variety of animation projects for film and television. Yasuhiko would turn his attention to the realm of comics in the late 1970s, and he has since penned roughly two dozen series. In 1981, the Japanese Sci-Fi Association gave him the Nebula Award. In 1990, his work Namuji won the Japan Comic Artist Association Grand Prize, and in 2000, his title A Revolutionary Dog won the Japan Media Arts Award for Best Comic.