Yoshinori Kano

Yoshinori Kano was born in Kyoto on April 14, 1928, and died on May 2, 1999. At the age of nine, he moved to Tokyo and became a disciple of Suzuki Hideko 5-dan. In 1943, he was promoted to 1-dan, and in 1968, he was promoted to 9-dan. He won the Young Professional's Championship in 1948, the Oteai's top section in 1955, and the 5th Prime Minister's Cup in 1961. He was a member of the Honinbo leagues 14th, 20th, 25th, and 26th.

He traveled to Austria and Russia in 1975, and then to China in 1979 with a squad of high school go players for a good will match. He graduated from Tokyo University's Japanese Literature Department, making him one of the few professional go players to have attended university.