Yvonne W Dennis

Yvonne Wakim Dennis is an award winning author of non-fiction books for children and adults, many coauthored with Arlene Hirschfelder. Dennis interweaves environmental justice into all she writes and credits her diverse family (Cherokee/Sand Hill/Syrian) for piquing her interest in an inclusive and multicultural world. Although most of her publications have been about Indigenous peoples of the U.S., she has also penned books about the many different cultures of America. She serves as the Education Director for the Children's Cultural Center of Native America and is a board director of Nitchen, Inc. an advocacy organization for Indigenous families in the New York City metro area. In 2014, Dennis received the National Arab American Museum's Best Children's Book of the Year Honor (A Kid's Guide to Arab American History), a Sanaka Award and the David Chow Humanitarian Award.

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