Zahra Owens

Zahra  Owens

Zahra Owens was born in Europe just before Woodstock and the Mondlandung and was given a much more difficult-to-pronounce name by her non-English-speaking parents. Being a typical Waterman, she was not born with the ability to adapt, and the people in her environment learned to expect the unexpected. She started writing fairy tales in first grade. In the same year, she met her first English-speaking friends, and throughout the years, there should be an increasing number of them from all over the world. Formerly, she was the stereotypical lone wolf, accustomed to spending his time with adults.

She was on a quest to find a vent for her wild fantasies, and she was looking for a reason to do so. As a Intensive Care Nurse, she was not happy for long, and neither was she as a Computer Specialist. Her mother's hobby is collecting high school diplomas, but she didn't discover her true calling until she was three years old. She earned her living back then and spent her evenings Read More chevron_right