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  • Best of the Best
    Best of the Best (15)

    Explore our opinions on the best of the best when it comes to books, novels, authors, series, etc.!

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  • Romance
    Romance (2)

    All things romance from classics to the hottest new releases, these posts discuss everything in the passionate world of romance books and novels.

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  • Magic & Fantasy
    Magic & Fantasy (1)

    The creative worlds of magic and fantasy evoke thoughts of wizards, fairies and mythical creatures along with impossible tales of courage, spells, and other-worldly powers and abilities.

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  • Children's Books
    Children's Books (1)

    Inspiring imagination, creativity and teaching important values and lessons, booked for children help to shape the minds and futures of little ones.  Books help children to escape off to imaginary lands, explore new territories, and expand their minds.

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  • Mystery
    Mystery (1)

    The essence of any good mystery novel is a solid, thought-provoking plot that twists us and turns us all the way up until the end when the truth is revealed.  Murders, kidnappings, disappearances, and other crimes and tragedies fuel some of the best mystery novels and mystery book series in history.  It's always a challenge to try and solve the mystery before the last page is turned.  

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  • Fiction
    Fiction (1)

    The world of fiction novels and short stories allows us as a reader to escape into worlds and situations that are quite often based in real-life but allow the imagination to run wild.

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