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The essence of any good mystery novel is a solid, thought-provoking plot that twists us and turns us all the way up until the end when the truth is revealed.  Murders, kidnappings, disappearances, and other crimes and tragedies fuel some of the best mystery novels and mystery book series in history.  It's always a challenge to try and solve the mystery before the last page is turned.  

  • Best Mystery Novel Series
    Best Mystery Novel Series

    Mystery novels have been around for quite some time. Some popular mystery series over time were Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. Agatha Christie is also known as a prolific mystery writer. They are known for their red herring clues, which make the reader think they have solved the mystery, but they really haven't. There are many sub-genres of mystery novels, including cozy, women's, crime, traditional, and historical mysteries. Each sub-genre focuses on different things like emphasizing women...

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