A Cappella Music in the Public Worship of the Church
ISBN: 1939838037
EAN13: 9781939838032
Language: English
Pages: 142
Edition: "Indexed, Edited"
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Victor Vadney

A Cappella Music in the Public Worship of the Church

Book Overview
This book employs a methodology that I have found helpful in dealing with other topics. This procedure is to assemble the New Testament texts on the topic and interpret them, then check this interpretation against usage in early Christian literature outside the New Testament, and finally to examine the doctrinal considerations to determine if the interpretation rests on solid biblical theology. Rather than gathering quotations from secondary literature, my approach is to read the source documents in the original and present the texts in their context. At the time of first edition of the book, mine was the fullest collection of historical statements on early church music readily available. Other studies since that time are largely supportive of the historical facts presented in my work, even if the authors do not consider the evidence normative for today. My conclusion is that the practice of unaccompanied congregational singing rests on good biblical, historical and doctrinal grounds.