A Doll's House (Aziloth Books)
ISBN: 1907523561
EAN13: 9781907523564
Language: English
Pages: 110
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Aziloth Books

A Doll's House (Aziloth Books)

Book Overview
In 'A Doll's House', Ibsen questions the subservience of married women and their role in the family. The play follows the development of Nora, whose life of wifely comfort and apparent careless domesticity is thrown into turmoil by the appearance of Krogstad, who threatens to reveal a fraud she has committed to aid Torvald, her husband. When the truth finally is revealed, rather than praising Nora for the risks she has taken to aid him, Torvald rejects his wife as a destroyer of his career and status. This repudiation effects a change in Nora and she decides - to Torvald's consternation and horror - to abandon her 'little woman' role, and live life on her own terms.