A Doll's House
ISBN: 0573019517
EAN13: 9780573019517
Language: English
Pages: 70
Edition: Revised
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Specially commissioned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Southwark Playhouse, Samuel Adamson's version of A Doll's House brings zest to this classic play. Thus, the story of Nora, the delicate and over-protected wife of Torvald Helmer, who bravely walks away from her confined marriage in a quest for freedom and self-enlightenment, remains poignant and real for modern-day audiences. Naively, Nora has secretly borrowed money for her husband by forging her father's signature. Krogstad, her creditor, has discovered her fraud and threatens to expose her in order to ruin Torvald. When Torvald finally finds out, Nora is appalled that he would protect his own reputation rather than support her.