A New Life for David
ISBN: 1498469965
EAN13: 9781498469968
Language: English
Pages: 224
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Format: Paperback

A New Life for David

Book Overview
David Bradford struggles with bipolar disorder. When he loses his job with an insurance agency because of his inability to handle his responsibilities, he questions God and wonders why he can't be more like his family, who are even-tempered and have such well-ordered lives.His elderly and ailing Uncle Arthur invites him to leave the city and come visit him at his distant Southern homestead in hopes of helping him. David remembers his summers as a teenager on his uncle's farm and decides to accept his invitation. He finds comfort in the company of his uncle, the quiet rural setting, and the church in the nearby village of Miller Creek. There are many projects to keep David busy, and he finds some purpose in life with his gardening skills and with brightening the life of his previous lonely uncle. In spite of the peace he finds in his new home, he is often reminded of his bipolar as he experiences some of the emotional and physical ups and downs it brings. He wonders if his life will be like his uncle's, who, even though strong in faith, never married and had a family of his own. As time passes, David's faith and determination opens up opportunities to be a help to others within the rural community and within the church of Miller Creek. Steven Bigham lives in Northwest Ohio where he has learned, by the grace of God, to manage his own bipolar of over two decades. He teaches piano, loves to garden, and is active in his church as the organist and involvement with the children's ministry. His great joy is to minister to others with bipolar and depression by encouraging them through his experience and by pointing them to God, the Great Source of Help.