Aces: True Stories of Victory and Valor in the Skies of World War II
ISBN: 0785838341
EAN13: 9780785838340
Language: English
Pages: 240
Format: Hardcover

Aces: True Stories of Victory and Valor in the Skies of World War II

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Book Overview
Aces is a celebration of the bold fighter pilots who earned the accolade and joined the ranks of flying aces during World War II aviation combat. Since World War I, fighter pilots have been seen as a breed apart, fighting their battles high above the mud and muck of the battlefields--knights of the air. During World War II, tens of thousands of aircraft engaged in deadly dogfights in the skies over Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific. In this hellish battle for survival, hundreds of pilots claimed five or more victories to become aces. These are their stories. This informative history book includes a wealth of biographies of WWII's most daring aerial knights . Each major country in the war (and some of the minor ones) had Aces. You can learn about where they came from , who they fought for , who they were outside the cockpit , and see their brave young faces that were ready for whatever the war threw at them. Packed with rare historical photos as well as modern images to see how their work impacted history, Aces paints a full picture of these featured flyers. Among aviation warfare, the title of ace sets some above the rest. While it technically marks the pilots as having five enemy kills in aerial combat , it means a lot more than that in military circles. On the battlefield, they were enemies, diametrically opposed, but when they were firmly planted on the ground, they were respected colleagues. Learn all about the daring men of valor from: US Army Air Forces, US Navy, and US Marines British Commonwealth Germany The Soviet Union Poland Japan Italy France And other Allied and Axis forces This fascinating account of the greatest pilots of World War II is a great gift for the history buff in your life and an excellent way to fall into history.