ADHD Solved
ISBN: 1498406491
EAN13: 9781498406499
Language: English
Pages: 112
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
ADHD, ADD, autism, behavioral disorders and other developmental problems are destroying the future of our children. In 1998, NIH held a consensus development conference on the treatment and diagnosis of ADHD. The NIH panel concluded ADHD poses a costly and major public health threat (NIH, 1998). We must take action now, as many of these problems can be helped. Rebecca Patton pens a passionate read discussing ADD/ADHD, which are an epidemic in many of today's youth. In her informative read, she informs you on modern trends in research relating to alternative treatments. This book functions to inform, but also guide you on what you can do if your child is suffering from ADD, ADHD, as well as empowering you to beware of the effects of medication. Patton provides alternative methods of treatment, mainly neurofeedback, utilizing her professional experience as a chiropractor, and discusses lifestyle factors, such as diet and genetics. In this empowering book, you'll understand: How drugs are influencing your child's behavior and/or mood disorders. Why pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about alternative treatments. Why Neurofeedback is more effective than medication long term How Neurofeedback works How nutrition and diet as well as food sensitivities or intolerances may be having an affect With this book, you can give your children suffering with ADHD and other mood disorders the opportunities they deserve to live a life of health, wellness, and knowledge. Sadly, there are not that many people really trying to find the answers. Most healthcare providers are trying to deal with the overwhelming plague that is made up of childhood developmental disorders.