Air Crashes and Miracle Landings: 85 CASES - How and Why
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Air Crashes and Miracle Landings: 85 CASES - How and Why

Book Overview
This book is unique in that it covers almost ALL the classic air disasters and other incidents that led to flying becoming so safe today. It highlights the human factors that often get overlooked, or in some cases such as the crash of Air France Flight AF447 into the South Atlantic that investigators did not dare mention. That said, it also brings to life incidents where pilots through great airmanship saved their passengers, sometimes later finding themselves subject to PTSD. Many will remember the incidents, but not know what really happened as it can take two or three years for the truth to be determined and the wild speculation at the time often shown to be wrong. Aficionados of excellent TV series, called Air Crash Investigations on the National Geographic Channel, and MAYDAY on some others, will find it a valuable tool and one providing added insights. It is several books in one, but thanks to the layout with each chapter covering a particular type of incident it is easy to follow, and dip into.