Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
ISBN: 1444827944
EAN13: 9781444827941
Language: English
Pages: 136
Format: Paperback
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Book Overview
One hot, lazy summer's afternoon, young Alice is drowsing on a grassy bank, idly pondering upon daisy-chains. To her utter surprise, she witnesses a waistcoated White Rabbit flash past, fretting over his lateness. Interest piqued, she follows him down a rabbit-hole - and ends up falling headlong into a bizarre and wondrous land... Encountering peculiarities from a pipe-smoking caterpillar to a grinning Cheshire cat, a lachrymose Mock Turtle to a decidedly odd tea-party (not to mention the rather disquieting fluctuation of her own size), Alice must rely on her wits to navigate this strange world - and face down the murderous tyranny of the Queen of Hearts...

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