Alpha-Phonics A Primer for Beginning Readers
ISBN: 0941995321
EAN13: 9780941995320
Language: English
Pages: 184
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
This is the NEW 2019 version of Alpha-Phonics. Now at a SENSATIONALLY LOW, LOW PRICE. The ONE & ONLY ORIGINAL Alpha-Phonics Used by tens of thousands since it was introduced in the late 1970's. Alpha-Phonics is probably the simplest, most effective, wonderfully priced phonics instruction programs available. HERE IS WHY IT WORKS SO WELL: IT IS SIMPLE There are only 44 phonograms (Sounds) the child needs to learn in order to read. Reading, contrary to what you have been told, is easy to teach because all you have to do is teach the student to SOUND OUT the words they want to read. At first they sound the words out aloud, later they do it in their head silently. That is ALL there is to teaching reading. MOM get this: All 128 Lessons in Alpha-Phonics are covered in ONLY 14 pages of instructions for you. Students begin with short vowels putting together simple words (Like a with m = am or a with s = as) and progress to the more advanced words. With Alpha-Phonics the beginner can be reading simple sentences by lesson three, and that can even be on the first day Other reading instruction programs try to do way too much. They inject grammar, pictures and other material, needlessly complicating the task. Alpha-Phonics just teaches reading only. Alpha-Phonics has as a BONUS: you teach SPELLING easily as you go (through simple dictation). Alpha-Phonics easily introduces over 3,500 words in its simple 128 lessons. Some students can learn to read in only months. Alpha-Phonics also works very well for older students, even grown adults who need remediation. Is there a negative about Alpha-Phonics? Yes. In the past 30 years we have heard only one criticism (Only a few times). It is: Some Moms say they think their child can become bored when taught by Alpha-Phonics. Why? Parents have been convinced that learning has to be fun-time. They have been led to believe games, card decks, cartoons/pictures, spin the needle tricks, etc., make it fun. They feel they have to entertain their kids while teaching. But, this unnecessarily slows down the process. With Alpha-Phonics the student can actually be READING simple sentences even day ONE Students do see lists of words in Alpha-Phonics lessons, but they QUICKLY are actually READING those words; they are accomplishing, instead of being entertained. The Bells and Whistles in other programs slow the process and cost time and money $$. The huge sense of success in actually reading quickly overcomes any other consideration. We almost forgot the SUPER BONUS: Many ADULTS become BETTER readers while teaching their child The lessons for the Student are in LARGE TYPE on 8