Anatomic Localization for Needle Emg
ISBN: 1560533145
EAN13: 9781560533146
Language: English
Pages: 153
Edition: Revised
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Format: Paperback

Anatomic Localization for Needle Emg

Book Overview
The new edition of this practical text presents a clear anatomic approach to locating the needle insertion site for EMG. Succinct descriptions are provided for 71 routinely tested muscles, and each is accompanied by a full-page drawing of the muscle and related anatomy. Many new cross-sectional drawings have been added to further delineate the anatomy. Guidelines have been expanded throughout to include more detail. There are also more pearls, additional tips on avoiding pitfalls, and anatomical and clinical descriptions. Teaching points have been expanded and replace the previous notes from the first edition. The text is in outline format and indicates peripheral and nerve root innervations and patient positioning.