AP Art History with Online Tests
ISBN: 1438011032
EAN13: 9781438011035
Language: English
Publication Date: August 1, 2018
Pages: 552
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Format: Paperback
Book Overview
This completely updated and revised review guide will help Advanced Placement students learn everything they need to know about the redesign of the Art History course. Emphasis has been placed on ensuring student success in view of the redesigned curriculum, the newly structured exam, and the innovative scoring criteria. Comprehensive preparation for the AP Art History test includes: A diagnostic test and two full-length model tests with all questions answered and explained An Art history review describing major artists and art movements Additional chapters on art outside of the European tradition Multiple-choice questions and practice essays after every chapter With Barron's AP Art History , students will get all the information they need to score a 5 on the Advanced Placement test. BONUS ONLINE PRACTICE TESTS AND FLASH CARDS: Students who purchase this book or package will also get FREE access to two additional full-length online AP Art History tests with all questions answered and explained as well as flash cards of all 300 art works. The online exams and flash cards can be easily accessed by computer, tablet, and smartphone.
Editor Reviews
From the front Cover Table of Contents: Barron's Essential 5 PART ONE: GETTING TO KNOW THE AP EXAM IN ART HISTORY Introduction Answering the Multiple-Choice Questions Answering the Free-Response Questions PART TWO: DIAGNOSTIC TEST Diagnostic Test Answer Key PART THREE: CONTENT REVIEW Prehistoric Art Ancient Near Eastern Art Egyptian Art Greek Art Etruscan Art Roman Art Late Antique Art Byzantine Art Islamic Art Early Medieval Art Romanesque Art Gothic Art Gothic Art in Italy Renaissance in Northern Europe Early Renaissance in Italy: Fifteenth Century High Renaissance and Mannerism Baroque Art Art of New Spain: Spanish Colonies in the Americas Rococo and Neoclassicism Romanticism Late Nineteenth-Century Art Early and Mid-Twentieth-Century Art Indian and Southeast Asian Art Chinese and Korean Art Japanese Art Art of the Americas African Art Pacific Art Contemporary Art PART FOUR: PRACTICE TESTS Practice Test 1 Practice Test 2 Glossary Photo Credits Index