Aquarium Plants
ISBN: 0764129899
EAN13: 9780764129896
Language: English
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 1.00" H x 7.00" L x 6.00" W
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Hundreds of different aquarium plants are illustrated in color with detailed descriptions of each plant, its common name, botanical designation, and information on its growth cycle and general care. A brand-new title in the growing Mini Encyclopedia Series for aquarium hobbyists, this book helps aquarium owners plan, create, and maintain a colorful and interesting environment for fish and aquatic life. Each volume provides in-depth information and instruction on a specific subdivision of fish keeping. Complementing the text are sets of illustration panels filled with full-color photos, each with its own detailed and instructive caption. The team of authors, all recognized aquarium experts, show readers how to set up an aquarium, select species, and maintain an optimal environment for the tank's aquatic and plant life. Approximately 250 color photos and illustrations in each volume.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover [back cover] MINIENCYCLOPEDIA This mini encyclopedia is packed with sensible advice and practical guidance. The first part explores all aspects of growing plants in the aquarium, from choosing healthy specimens and using the right substrate to providing the best lighting and feeding systems. This is followed by advice on setting up planted displays based on natural environments. Part two presents a wide-ranging selection of popular aquarium plants, including details of their mature size, optimum growing conditions, suitable aquarium zone, and propagation techniques.