Atmaurium Matria Mea (My Country Atmaurium)
ISBN: 1908552158
EAN13: 9781908552150
Language: English
Pages: 404
Dimensions: 1.00" H x 9.00" L x 6.00" W
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Format: Paperback

Atmaurium Matria Mea (My Country Atmaurium)

Book Overview
Conspectus Caressing the gamut of Ancient Memory, from incorporeal inter-stellar travels to earthly Land and Banking intrigues. An all at once enthralling read. 'Atmaurium Matria Mea' is the Acroamatic Cartulary Hierographa Sigil of the Kingdom of Atmaurium and the Concatenation (Genealogical Family History) of the Royal House of 'Baiere, ' whose Heraldry is so inscribed here, in the Trace Record Golden Pages of Infinite Mind. Further, 'My Country Atmaurium' is a Certified Legal Trust Document for the Elementi of Atmaurium and Public Press Warrant of Farthing of Specie. This Deptych Materfamilias Pereapt / Phylactery is both, the Passport and Great Message to the World. An absolute must read. Historians, Scholars, Romance Novel Enthusiast's, etc., will be riveted by this Masterful work.