Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1: The Complete and Authoritative Edition
ISBN: 0520267192
EAN13: 9780520267190
Language: English
Pages: 736
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Format: Hardcover

Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1: The Complete and Authoritative Edition

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Book Overview
The year 2010 marks the 100th anniversary of Mark Twain's death. In celebration of this important milestone, Twain's uncensored autobiography is available in its entirety and exactly as he left it.
Editor Reviews
From the front Cover Mark Twain dictated much of this book--now it is a book at last--from a big rumpled bed. Reading it is a bit like climbing in there with him.--Roy Blount, Jr. To say that the editors have done an extremely good job is a little like saying the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel does a good job of keeping the rain off the Pope's head. It is true but it doesn't give even a whiff of the grandeur of the thing.--Robert D. Richardson, author of Emerson: The Mind on Fire Mark Twain, always so blithely ahead of his time, has just outdone himself: he's brought us an Autobiography from beyond the grave: a hundred-year-old relic that yet manages to accomplish something new. It anticipates the Cubism just taking form in Samuel Clemens's last years, by exploding the confines of orderliness, sequence, the dutiful march of this-then-that. In so doing, it gives us not simply Mark Twain's life--that is the prosaic work of biographers--but the ways in which he thought of his life: in all the fragmented recollection, distraction, creation, revision and dreaming that make up the true, divinely jumbled devices we all use to recapture experience and feeling. If this prodigious and prodigal pastiche were a machine, it would be the Paige typesetter--except that it works.--Ron Powers, author of Mark Twain: A Life