Back to Basics: A Practical Guide to Healthier Eating and Weight Loss
ISBN: 1733795111
EAN13: 9781733795111
Language: English
Pages: 108
Format: Paperback

Back to Basics: A Practical Guide to Healthier Eating and Weight Loss

Book Overview
Registered Dietitian, April Adams, wants you to know that you don't have to follow a miserably restrictive diet to reach a healthy weight. In this new and updated 2nd edition of her original book, she's added even more tips, tricks and research she's learned along the way since it's initial release. She wants to help you step off the dieting rollercoaster and begin your final journey to a healthier weight. Contains a list of 50 practical tips for how to decrease calories and increase nutrients. Provides a week's worth of sample menus so you can see how to include all foods in moderation. Helps you cut calories painlessly and better meet nutrient needs without feeling deprived. April has over 20 years of putting her own tips to practice and wants to share them all with you. She has the formal education and the professional training you can trust, but just as important, she also has the street cred of actually living the tips that have helped her maintain a healthy weight despite having hypothyroidism and a low metabolic rate. This book provides a view into what drives her food choices on a daily basis to help control calories and meet nutrient needs while actually enjoying food.