Backgammon (Reprint Edition)
ISBN: 1616462124
EAN13: 9781616462123
Language: English
Pages: 126
Format: Paperback

Backgammon (Reprint Edition)

Book Overview
Champion checkers player Millard Hopper wrote this informative guide to another popular board game, backgammon. Hopper covers game play, strategies, and tactics simply but in detail (and with plenty of illustrations). He notes: Backgammon, while holding a wealth of strategy and skill does not require the exacting concentration of chess and checkers. While luck plays a great part in the results of the game where players are evenly matched, still, a skillful player when paired against a haphazard one, will far excel his inexperienced adversary. Hopper gives the student of backgammon the tools needed to increase his skill on the board.