Barron's AP Physics 1 with Online Tests
ISBN: 1438010710
EAN13: 9781438010717
Language: English
Pages: 320
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Barron's AP Physics 1 with Online Tests

Book Overview
Barron's AP Physics 1 with Online Tests provides in-depth review for the Physics 1 exam, which corresponds to a first-year, algebra-based physics class. Comprehensive subject review covers dynamics, kinematics, simple circuits, simple harmonic motion, waves, and sound. This brand new book offers in-depth review for the exam and helps students apply the skills they learned in class. It includes: Two practice tests in the book that reflect the AP Physics 1 exam Two online practice tests with all questions answered and explained A diagnostic test that helps students target areas where they need more study Practice questions and review that cover all test areas Tips and advice for dealing with the new problem types introduced on this test
Editor Reviews
From the front Cover Table of Contents: Barron's Essential 5 AP Physics 1 Preface Introduction Study Skills and Tips Overview of AP Physics Concepts DIAGNOSTIC TEST AP Physics 1 Answer Key Answers Explained REVIEW AND PRACTICE 1 Vectors 2 Kinematics 3 Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion 4 Energy 5 Gravitation 6 Impacts and Linear Momentum 7 Rotational Motion 8 Oscillatory Motion 9 Electricity 10 Waves and Sound PRACTICE TESTS Practice Test 1 Practice Test 2 APPENDIX Table of Information for AP Physics 1 Formula Sheet for AP Physics 1 Glossary Index