Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach: Use Your Knowledge, Experience, and Intuition to Help Leaders Excel
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Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach: Use Your Knowledge, Experience, and Intuition to Help Leaders Excel

Book Overview
Coaching is more than simply learning a process and set of skills. Exceptional coaches draw on their professional experience, knowledge of organizationally relevant topics, strong helping skills, coaching-specific competencies, and most important, their ability to use their own intuition in the service of the client. Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach is the first book that brings all of these elements together to guide readers in developing their own personal model of coaching. The book begins with the foundation for executive coaching: definitions, competencies, and topics. Readers will examine the core content areas crucial in any coach's work, from engagement and goal setting to needs assessment, data gathering, feedback, and development planning-and then learn how to combine that knowledge with the unique perspective they bring to the table as individuals in order to achieve maximum coaching effectiveness. Each chapter includes a case study that brings the practice of coaching to life. Tools include charts, development plans, contracts, and more, plus ongoing discussion of the role of coaching in organizational contexts.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover Advance Praise for Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach: The true experts in the coaching arena have provided a guidebook that demystifies the process while speaking to the high standards and personal insight it takes to truly enable business leaders to be successful. You feel like you are in a dynamic classroom and under their supervision while reading each page. -- Donna Marcus, Global Head of Human Resources, Financial Services A rare opportunity to jump-start your effectiveness as an executive coach. The authors' program offers a truly unique experience ... an opportunity to refine your coaching skills with actual clients. Their approach bridges the gap between the theory and practice of executive coaching. -- John Stallings, Director, Organizational Effectiveness, JetBlue Airways This book is an indispensible resource for people becoming executive coaches and for experienced coaches who want to be even better at it. -- Hy Pomerance, Chief Talent Officer, New York Life Insurance Company Without question, the most thorough explanation and guide I have seen for anyone engaged in coaching or aspiring to coach today's business leaders. -- Dave Opton, Founder, ExecuNet The book is clear, concise, and compelling, a well-written book that gives equal emphasis to the parts played by the coach and by the executive sponsors and managers in a coaching engagement. I believe it will be extremely useful to coaches, sponsors, and clients. It is an essential companion for anyone involved in coaching. -- Ed Hoare, President, Life Sciences Europe, Pall Corporation The wisdom of these experienced coaches comes shining through on each page. A must-read for coaches at all levels and for organizations that are serious about developing leaders. -- Connie Chartrand, Chief Learning Officer, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney The guidance you will receive from this book will help you find the coach within you, a unique self that your clients will value. Executive coaching is an art, a discipline, a science, and a craft. These folks get that and help you get it too. -- Kim Lehmbeck, Manager, Talent Development, JetBlue Airways Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach is an important book that will change the way coaches, consultants, and human resources professionals help executives perform. Even seasoned professionals will benefit from a renewed look at their personal model of coaching and alternate choices the authors provide.-- Jan Rose, Partner, Mercer
From the front Cover Whether you are a seasoned coach or a new one, exceptional executive coaching can be achieved by accessing the great coach within yourself. This book is your resource to become an exceptional coach by showing you how your experiences, knowledge, and intuition can be leveraged to inspire your clients. To be sure, there are critical skills to master and practices to follow, but at the heart of it is the connection you create between your unique coaching approach and your client. Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach is the first book to bring these diverse elements together to guide you in developing your own personal model of coaching. Using this book, you will learn about core coaching competencies across three broad categories--building relationships, communicating, and fostering learning--and identify your own areas of strength in each. As you begin to outline your personal model of coaching, you'll get practical reinforcement in the form of real-life case examples and master coach commentary that will help expand your frame of reference and repertoire of skills in helping your clients. Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach shows you how to manage a coaching relationship professionally and consistently, encourage trust, manage the engagement, and garner organizational support. You'll learn how to: - Use and leverage your particular knowledge, skills, and intuition for each coaching engagement - Build your confidence and competence as an executive coach - Gather the information you'll need to help clients articulate and meet ambitious goals - Give appropriate and useful feedback - Plan for your client's long-term development - Help your client use your partnership as a catalyst for positive change - Develop your client's leadership potential - Work through inevitable challenges - Bring your coach/client relationships to empowering conclusions - Build on the highlights of the relationship to foster continuing client progress, and your own learning - And much more The book is filled with clear descriptions of executive coaching practices; case examples from multiple perspectives; sample coaching documents, such as contracts and development plans; and guidelines for creating your own unique model of executive coaching. You may have thought that becoming an executive coach was too big a stretch. This book shows how you can become an exceptional coach in your own way. iCoachNewYork is a consulting and training firm that focuses on the development of executive coaches, both internal and external. The firm consists of five highly experienced executive coaches who together create and deliver training to other professional coaches. Since 2004, iCoachNewYork has delivered the one-of-a-kind Professional Coaching Certificate Program at the Zicklin Business School of Baruch College, CUNY, as well as in-house customized Internal Coach training programs. Michael H. Frisch, Robert J. Lee, Karen L. Metzger, Jeremy Robinson, and Judy Rosemarin are New York City-based executive coaches and trainers with substantial corporate, consulting, and academic experience.