Boomerstress: Managing the Unique Stresses of the Boomer Generation
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Boomerstress: Managing the Unique Stresses of the Boomer Generation

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Book Overview
No matter how much we age, the challenges we face daily never stop. Some are exciting and invigorating, others are scary and overwhelming. Some are easy to resolve and some are really tough to work through. That's what life is all about: facing, recognizing, and somehow coping with everything that is thrown at us. As we age, the issues we face change and all too often we are completely unprepared to deal with them. This lack of readiness makes way for stress and anxiety. These two conditions and how to handle them take center stage in this book. 
 Our stress management abilities change and biological defenses weaken as we age. This book addresses the changes that are specific to Baby Boomers. It explains how to recognize the difference between stress and anxiety, how to shore up personal defenses, and how to use stress in new and positive ways, thus promoting a healthier life into the golden years.