Brain Quest Reading Grade 3
ISBN: 0761141413
EAN13: 9780761141419
Language: English
Pages: 148
Dimensions: 2.00" H x 7.00" L x 4.00" W
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Other

Brain Quest Reading Grade 3

Book Overview
It's fun to be smart with Brain Quest card decks, packed with curriculum-based questions. Loved by kids and teacher approved, and featuring hundreds of curriculum-based exercises and games, Brain Quest card decks reinforce classroom learning with a fun, fast-paced game. Brain Quest 3rd Grade Reading helps kids aged 8-9 develop reading comprehension skills in a smart, entertaining, and engaging way. Featuring: Two full-color decks in a reusable flip-top storage box 56 stories accessible, illustrated, and entertaining stories Questions and Answers on grammar, word choice, phonics, and more Also available: Brain Quest Workbooks (Pre-school through 6th Grade) and Summer Workbooks (Pre-K through 4th-5th Grades). Brain Quest decks are: Aligned with common core state standards Vetted by award-winning teachers Great to play with a friend or on your own - and great for travel Named a Dr. Toy Best Classic Toy
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover It's O.K. to Be Smart...Reading Smart! First comes a one-page illustrated story--about Medusa, the rain forest, Martin Luther King Jr. Then comes the Q&A. From comprehension to phonics, it's the fundamentals of reading and the pleasure of language. Challenge yourself, impress your parents! Because learning plus practice is the story of knowledge. CURRICULUM-BASED! TEACHER APPROVED BY THE BRAIN QUEST PANEL OF AWARD-WINNING EDUCATORS
From the front Cover First comes a fully illustrated, original short text--a biography of Martin Luther King Jr., a fun poem about peas, a history of the Rose Bowl, a scientific article about the sun. Following the text is a comprehension card that quizzes the reader about action, characters, and content. And following that is a card with questions on Grammar, Phonics, Word Choice, and more. It's the fundamentals of reading and the pleasure of language. Brain Quest Reading Grade 3 is an excellent way for kids to hone their skills and become accomplished, enthusiastic readers. Vetted by a panel of America's highest award-winning teachers, and embraced by kids and parents because it flat-out works, Brain Quest opens a world of information and education with its fast-paced question-and-answer format, bright full-color illustrations, and lively attitude.