Clean Craftmanship
ISBN: 013691571X
EAN13: 9780136915713
Language: English
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Format: Paperback

Clean Craftmanship

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Book Overview
In Clean Craftmanship: Programming with Pride , the legendary Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) has written every programmer's definitive guide to working well. Martin brings together the disciplines, standards, and ethics you need to deliver robust, effective code quickly and productively, and be proud of all the software you write - every single day. Martin, the best-selling author of The Clean Coder , begins with a pragmatic, technical, and prescriptive guide to five foundational disciplines of software craftsmanship: test-driven development, refactoring, simple design, collaborative programming (pairing), and acceptance tests. Next, he moves up to standards -- outlining the baseline expectations the world has of software developers, illuminating how those often differ from their own perspectives, and helping you repair the mismatch. Finally, he turns to the ethics of the programming profession, describing ten fundamental promises all software developers should make to their colleagues, their users, and above all, themselves . With Martin's guidance and advice, you can consistently write code that builds trust instead of undermining it: trust among your users, and throughout a society that depends on software for its very survival.