Coach to Coach: An Empowering Story about How to Be a Great Leader
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Coach to Coach: An Empowering Story about How to Be a Great Leader

Book Overview
The world needs better coaches. If Martin Rooney asked you to name the top 20 basketball, football or baseball players of all time, he doesn't think you would have a problem quickly rattling off a comprehensive list. Granted your list might not be the same as everyone else's, but I it wouldn't be too difficult for you to come up with a bunch of names in a short period of time. But what if he asked you to name the top 20 coaches of all time? Do you think you could come up with a list just as fast as you did for the athletes? If you were lucky, maybe you might spit out a couple legendary names like Lombardi or Wooden, but your pool of names would dry up pretty fast. And what would you even use to as criteria to create your coach list anyway? Wins? Championships? Sport Knowledge? Popularity? In any case, the question shows you great coaches are a rare breed. Not convinced? Think about your own experience in life with coaches. You have had both good and bad coaches. If you were really lucky, you may have even had one that you consider great. But regardless of which one you had, they all influenced your life. If you can agree a good or bad coach can either positively or negatively impact someone's life, Coach to Coach will ask you which coach do you want to be? Like it or not, Coach to Coach will teach you that you are a coach. Whether you are a teacher, parent, athlete, co-worker or boss, you are also a coach. Throughout your day, you are given constant opportunities to either coach someone up or down. To be a great coach is not just about the X's and O's of a sport, business or parenting, but also about the ability to bring more out of a person than they thought was possible. If being a coach is such an important job, you might wonder why the list of great coaches, parents and bosses seem so short? One reason could be that while many athletes are born with physical attributes that can lead them to greatness, a great coach requires much more than natural skill and talent. Great coaches aren't born, they're made. And this fact leads to the second reason for so few great coaches: there is a lack of educational resources to teach people the necessary strategies needed to become a more effective coach. Unfortunately, like money, marriage and parenting, coaching someone else doesn't come with manual. Martin Rooney's hope is that Coach to Coach quick and easy-to-read parable becomes that manual. Everyone is waiting for an inspirational coach. With Coach to Coach reveals the five major coaching secrets inside to gain the inspiration to stop waiting and become that coach.
Editor Reviews
From the Back Cover PRAISE FOR COACH to COACH For great performances in your profession and family. . . study this book! --Dan Gable, Olympic Gold Medalist in Wrestling, 3-time U.S. Olympic Team Coach, 15 NCAA Team Titles, University of Iowa Wrestling Some books you read for entertainment. Some you read for enlightenment. Coach to Coach will give you both. --Coach Lou Holtz, 1998 NCAA National Champions, Notre Dame Football, Only coach to lead 6 different college programs to bowl games Coach to Coach is about human development through sport. Martin Rooney gets it EXACTLY right: elite coaching is about relationships, character development and accountability. --Anson Dorrance, 22 NCAA Championships, University of North Carolina Women's Soccer, 7-time NCAA Women's Soccer Coach of the Year In today's sports and business world, there's never been a more important time to have responsible and ethical people serving as coaches. Coach to Coach offers you practical and user-friendly tips on how to be THAT coach for someone else. --Shawn Johnson, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist in Gymnastics, Winner of ABC's Dancing with the Stars Coach to Coach is an important reminder of the power of a coach. If you want to help more people and make a positive impact on the lives of others, read this book! --Jon Gordon, Bestselling Author of The Energy Bus , The Carpenter, and Training Camp Coaching is much more than teaching someone how to play a sport. Coach to Coach is your guidebook on how to inspire someone to live out the story of their dreams. --Rudy Ruettiger, the inspiration for the Blockbuster Film, RUDY
From the front Cover Coaching isn't something you do TO someone. Coaching is something you do WITH someone. Great coaches don't light fires UNDER people. They light fires INSIDE of them. And great coaches aren't BORN. . . they're MADE! Coach to Coach follows the story of Brian Knight, a young man experiencing the challenges both on and off the field that come with coaching sports. He's spent the last decade striving to land his dream job, only to realize he may no longer have the skills or drive necessary to reach the top. After a devastating loss and deteriorating relationships with his players and family, Brian's life seems to be unravelling--until he encounters a mysterious old coach who seems to have some important answers to his problems. Whether you are a sports coach, teacher, parent, spouse, co-worker, manager or boss, the invaluable lessons in Coach to Coach are designed to help you recognize your importance as a coach. Written in the style of a simple parable, this engaging book gives you an easy-to-use yet highly effective formula for bringing out the best in yourself and others. Based on his two decades of coaching high school, college, and professional sports teams, Martin Rooney uses his gift of storytelling to reveal the coaching mindset necessary to be the inspirational leader you've always dreamed of becoming. Packed with motivational stories, Coach to Coach is a heartwarming tale that will empower you to fulfill your one true job as a coach: To take people where they want to go.