Comity: Nations and Nature
ISBN: 1532000049
EAN13: 9781532000041
Language: English
Pages: 76
Format: Paperback

Comity: Nations and Nature

Book Overview
Globalization and its close cousins, multiculturalism and pluralism, are good for the body politic--the people of the world, considered collectively as an organized group of citizens. There are many nations, of course, and all have different histories, cultures, governments, civilizations, and religious dogma. Yet, we're all human, and we need to work together. The body politic has a nature that transcends boundaries, conflicts, propaganda, and opinion. In Comity: Nations and Nature, poet Patrick Ryan explains how the world is to survive through globalization. Harmonious globalization assures diversity and the mixture of different cultures into one successful and self-sustaining entity. The world must stay connected and interconnected. To this end, the commonality provided by the Internet offers solidarity to various bodies politic and causes a groundswell of thought to influence growth through courtesy and considerate behavior, not conflict. As we act in our own self-interest, let us remember the interests of others and live as one.