Connect 2-Term Access Card for the Unfinished Nation
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Connect 2-Term Access Card for the Unfinished Nation

Book Overview
Connect History (R) is an easy-to-use learning platform that gives instructors and students access to engaging assignable and assessable tools, such as primary sources, interactive maps, and a personalized and adaptive eBook - all of which are tied to learning objectives - that support student success and help bring history to life for students. If you are a student, choose this option if your instructor will require Connect to be used in your course for 2-semesters. Your subscription to Connect includes the following: - SmartBook (R), which makes study time as productive and efficient as possible. It identifies and closes knowledge gaps through a continually adaptive reading experience, ensuring that every minute spent with SmartBook is returned to the student as the most value-added minute possible. The result? More confidence, better grades, and greater success. - Interactive Maps , assignable through Connect and tied to assessment, encourage students' geographical and historical thinking by demonstrating things like changing boundaries and migration routes, war battles and election results. - Primary Sources , including those taken from the book with assessment tied to them; an Image Bank which allows users quick and easy access to hundreds of additional primary sources which can be downloaded and incorporated into lectures or assessment materials; and the Primary Source Primer, a brief, illustrated video tutorial on how to read and analyze a primary source. - Critical Missions , immerse students as active participants in a series of transformative moments in history. As advisors to key historical figures, they read and analyze sources, interpret maps and timelines, and write recommendations for what do to in a historically critical moment. Later, students learn to think like a historian, conducting a retrospective analysis from a contemporary perspective. - Students have the option to purchase (for a small fee) a print version of the book. This binder-ready loose-leaf version includes free shipping. Complete system requirements to use Connect can be found here: http: //