Conversational Regression: An (H)NLP Approach to Reimprinting Memories
ISBN: 1940254299
EAN13: 9781940254296
Language: English
Pages: 160
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Changing Mind

Conversational Regression: An (H)NLP Approach to Reimprinting Memories

Book Overview
What would it be like if you could travel back in time to change the past in a way that makes life happier and more fulfilling today? What if your clients could easily let go of the past in ways that leave them deeply transformed and empowered today? Reimprinting allows you to leverage how memory functions on a neurological level to create deep unconscious change. In this book you will discover a unique approach to reimprinting that is highly conversational and fast. Gone are the days of needing to find an initial sensitizing event or worrying over the dangers of regression work. The approach presented in this book allows you to positively influence your clients' memories through conversational hypnosis. To the untrained eye it will look like an engaging conversation while under the surface your clients will break free from disempowering memories. In this book you will discover an in depth explanation and demonstration of this pattern, the 3 times when regression work is indicated, the neuroscience behind reimprinting, and a number of variations on the pattern. Variations include: deep trance reimprinting, Ericksonian regression work, reimprinting through Deep Trance Identification, reimprinting for smoking cessation, and reimprinting through implicit memories.