Cracked Up
ISBN: 1683488296
EAN13: 9781683488293
Language: English
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback
Book Overview
Growing up under the greatest generation, I was taught with hard work comes success. Through life's journeys, there will be moments of brief failures. During these times, it is about faith, hope, and the will to never give up. I left a career as a police officer to become a chiropractor. The dream was to build a practice that would help change people's lives through chiropractic performance. I worked hard and was becoming successful, but through bad business decisions and uncontrollable circumstances, it all crashed. The dream was shattered. Suddenly, I was a total failure. I was about to crack up. The business and my world were surrounded with drugs, sex, and alcohol. There would be depression, anxiety, fatigue, thoughts of suicide, and finally, bankruptcy. There were no cookbooks or self-help guides to get through the broken dream. Strength would come from family, great friends, exercise, and never giving up on the dream. Failure will test confidence, the will, and your faith. Hope will keep you alive during the battle. Throughout my life, I had more successes than failures. The past will help with your future. It allowed me to write my own cookbook to overcome my struggle with the moment of failure. Failure is not the end of the dream. It can be the beginning of a new dream. Don't crack up, and remember, life is always good.