Daily in Abba's Arms
ISBN: 1626970580
EAN13: 9781626970588
Language: English
Pages: 240
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Daily in Abba's Arms

Book Overview
How different would your life be now, if every day of your childhood your dad would have taken time to affectionately hold you? - Maybe you would not be so busy. - Maybe memories would bring a smile instead of tears from shame and regret. - Maybe you would feel compassion instead of bitterness. - Maybe fear would be from a roller coaster ride instead of by simply waking up. - Maybe you would feel like you matter, instead of being on the outside of life, looking in. It is not too late Daily in Abba's Arms will help you replace what was, with what should have been. Maybe the father you had did not know how to love you intimately, but the Father you have, does. After meditating on the simple writings and powerful Scriptures within this book, you will feel different. You will realize and accept the fact that you matter and you-without conditions, demands or expectations-are loved. Your confidence will grow, as you experience the truth that you are totally adequate, fully loved, continually comforted, and worthy to be Abba's Beloved Child. The strangle hold past hurts have on your life will weaken-yielding to love, joy, and peace-as you rest daily in Abba's arms. At the core of the Father's heart is the enfolding love that comforts all human suffering. David A. Snow is a husband, father, author, licensed professional counselor, and teacher. He earned graduate and post-graduate degrees in psychology, counseling, and theology. The understanding he acquired after experiencing the love of the Father, coupled with the knowledge of formal education and over 30 years of experience, provide the wisdom necessary to help you: feel the love of a Father, understand your identity as Abba's Beloved Child, and live your Belovedness.