Dead Worlds: Undead Stories ( a Zombie Anthology) Volume 2
ISBN: 1935458213
EAN13: 9781935458210
Language: English
Pages: 230
Weight: 1.00 lbs.
Format: Paperback

Dead Worlds: Undead Stories ( a Zombie Anthology) Volume 2

Book Overview
Welcome to a world where the dead walk and want nothing more than to feast on the living. The stories contained in this, the second volume of the Dead Worlds series, are filled with action, gore, and buckets and buckets of blood; plus a heaping side of entrails for those with a little extra hunger. The stories contained within this volume are scribed by both the desiccated cadavers of seasoned veterans to the genre as well as fresh-faced corpses, each printed here for the first time; and all of them ready to dig in and please the most discerning reader. So slap on a bib and prepare to get bloody, because you're about to read the best zombie stories this side of the grave Table of Contents: The Turning Point By Kelly M. Hudson, Kin By Rick Moore, Escape Into Hell By Michael Simon, Zombie Killer By Pete Mesling, Feral By Chris Evangelista, That New Car Smell By Craig Ford, Men in Trees By Joseph Giangregorio, Clean Ups By Eric S. Brown, You Always Eat the Ones You Love By A. Giangregorio, Don't Hurt My Brother By Arthur Petersen, Dying of the Light By Ben Monroe, Good Vibrations By Kevin Cockle, Lawn of the Dead By Marc Wiggins, Finished Diary in a Basement By Tom Hamilton, School of the Dead By Greta Gunselman, Shooting Star By Mark M. Johnson, Z.L.F. By Pasquale J. Morrone