Demand Driven Performance
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Demand Driven Performance

Book Overview
Implement demand driven smart metrics to drive and sustain dramatic gains in flow and improve ROI performance What if the objective of minimizing unit product cost that is hard coded into all reporting and measurement systems is simply bad math that drives decisions and actions that destroy ROI? In today's volatile, globally competitive environment, new decision-making tools are required to monitor, measure, and improve total organizational performance. Adherence to old operational rules, tools, and behaviors is killing competitiveness in most enterprises. A fundamental shift is required. Cowritten by internationally recognized experts in the field, Demand Driven Performance explains why current measurement forms must be replaced. The authors present a demand driven blueprint and the smart metrics to maximize flow and ROI. The methods described in this book worked in one of the most complex manufacturing operations that you can imagine with very effective results. -- From the Foreword by Dan Eckermann, former President and CEO, LeTourneau Technologies, Inc. THIS PRACTICAL, TIMELY GUIDE OFFERS: The case against conventional unitcost-focused metrics, and proof of their negative effects The new rules needed to succeed in the complex and volatile global demand and supply landscape Historical perspectives on flow, cost, and rise and demise of management accounting The evolution of flow and ROI as strategy A case study--the Boeing Dreamliner Instructions on how to design and implement a demand driven information system The smart metrics required to sustain and drive improvements in demand driven operating models